What are WordPress widgets and how to add them?

wordpress widgets
What are WordPress widgets?

WordPress widgets are theme features or functions that allow you to add blocks of content to the sidebar, footer, and other areas of your site.WordPress Widgets example

How to add widgets in WordPress?

  1. Go to the WordPress Appearance > Widgets section.

    First, go to the Appearance > Widgets section. But, If you don’t see this section which means your theme doesn’t provide the Widget feature.WordPress Appearance Widgets section

  2. Available Widgets.

    On the right side, you can see the widget areas where you can add the available widgets. The number of widget areas depends on your theme.Widget areas

  3. Add widget via drag and drop.

    Add widget via drag and drop

  4. Add widget by clicking.

    Click on the widget you want to add and select the area where you want to add and then click the Add Widget button.Add widget by clicking