What is WordPress featured image and how to add it?

WordPress featured image

In this post, you will learn what a WordPress featured image is and how to add it to the WordPress pages and posts.

What is WordPress featured image?

The WordPress featured image (better known as post thumbnail) is a theme feature that allows users to add a representative image for the posts and pages.

How to add featured images in WordPress posts and pages?

  1. Edit or Create a new post or page.

    First, Edit or Create a new post or page to open the WordPress Gutenberg content editor.

  2. Go to the Post Setting.

    Now in the settings, select the Post setting. You can find the Post setting at the top-right side of the Gutenberg Content editor.Post Setting

  3. Open the Featured Image Option.

    After that, scroll down and find the Featured Image option and open it. But If you can’t find this option, it means your theme does not provide this feature.Featured image option

  4. Set Featured Image.

    Now click on the Set featured image box to add or upload a representative image for the post or page.set featured image

  5. Select the Image.

    Select the Image you want to upload. Select files

  6. Add alt attribute and save.

    Add alt text for the image, and then click set featured image button.add alt text for the featured image