How to configure iThemes Security properly in WordPress?

configure iThemes Security properly in WordPress

In this post, you will learn how to how to configure the iThemes Security plugin properly for your WordPress blog to increase the security level.

So first, install the iThemes Security plugin.

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)

After that go to iThemes Security settings –

iThemes Security tab

Now click on the Secure Site

iThemes Security check

In the next, click on the Redirect HTTP Requests to HTTPS, and then Activate Network Brute Force Protection. But, if your site doesn’t have the SSL Certificate, then you will not see the Redirect HTTP option.

iThemes Security check modal

After that close the security check modal.

Close iThemes Security check

Configure iThemes Security plugin properly

1. Global Settings

Configure ithemes global settings

Find the following options in the global settings and add the same value as below, then save the settings.

  • Days to Keep Database Logs = 30
  • Days to Keep File Logs = 60
global settings

2. 404 Detection

Enable the 404 Detection –

enable ithemes 404 Detection  settings

3. Banned Users

Open the Banned Users setting –

ithemes Banned Users settings

After that, check on the Default Ban List, then save settings.

check default ban list on ithemes

4. System Tweaks

Enable the System System Tweaks and then click configure settings –

enable system tweaks
configure system tweaks

After that, find the following settings and check on it and then click save settings.

  • System Files
  • Directory Browsing
  • PHP in Uploads
protect system files and disable directory browsing in ithemes

Scroll Down

disable php in wordpress uploads ithemes

5. WordPress Tweaks

Open the WordPress Tweaks settings –

WordPress Tweaks

After that, check on the Comment Spam and save the settings.

reduce comment spam and disable file editor

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