Easy Way to Change Your WordPress login page URL

Easy Way to Change Your WordPress login page URL

Changing the default WordPress dashboard login page URL is good for security so that no one can find the login page to try to log in, and In this post, you will learn how you can change it easily.

Change Your WordPress login page URL

  1. Install the WPS Hide Login WordPress plugin.

    First, login to your WordPress dashboard, then install and activate the WPS Hide Login plugin.
    WPS Hide Login plugin

  2. Go to the WordPress General Settings

    WordPress General Settings

  3. WPS Hide Login settings

    Scroll down and find the WPS Hide Login settings, and then set the endpoint of your WordPress login page URL.
    WPS Hide Login url settings

Change login page URL using the iThemes Security plugin

If you are using the iThemes Security plugin, you can easily do this task with the help of this plugin.

First, go to the Advanced settings of the iThemes Security.

iThemes Security tab
ithemes security advanced settings

After that, you have configure the Hide Backend setting.

ithemes security configure hide backend

Now, Enable the hide backend feature > Set your Login Slug > Save Settings.

Change WordPress Login page URL using itheme security