Best Domain Name Provider in 2021

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Best Domain Name Provider

There are many domain name providers or registrars on the Internet, and because of this, it is quite difficult for some people to choose the best domain provider.

And In this post, I will share some knowledge about domain names that can help you choose the best domain provider.

Before going any further, you should know what a domain name is and how it works, and it will help you choose the best domain provider.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a string of text which is used to access a website, such as, etc.

What problem solved the domain name system?

First of all, you need to know whether a website can be accessed without a domain?

The answer is YES, you can also access a website through the server IP address, and before the domain name technology arrived, IP addresses were used to access websites.

But there is a very huge number of websites on the Internet, and it is very difficult to remember IP addresses, and here the domain name technology solved the problem.

Basically a domain name is a string of text that points to a numeric IP address.

How does it work?

Best Domain Name Provider

Now come to the point, the best is Namecheap because paying high to map a name to your server makes no sense, but it makes sense to buy a domain from a trusted provider.

There are many trusted domain providers on the internet, and Namecheap is one of them. Now the question is why it is the best.

Why Namecheap is the best to buy domains?

Some websites offer domains at the cheapest price than Namecheap, even some website provides a free domain for one year with their hosting plan.

But, they charge extra for domain privacy protection where Namecheap provides forever free, and the domain renewal cost of most websites is higher than Namecheap.

Now you might be thinking that should I ignore the other company offers such as free domain for 1 year with a specific hosting plan.

Should you ignore the other company offers

The answer is NO, you can grab this offer, and at the renewal time, you can compare the renewal cost with the namecheap or other trusted companies.

After comparing, If you feel satisfied with your current provider, then stick with that, else transfer your domain and it is an easy process.

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